Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, August 24, 2012

"Cowboys are in the House" (well, the Cultural Hall)

My Casma Cowboys were spoiled greatly today.
I gave them bags and bags of Lucy's homemade chocolate chip cookies...

and they went crazy...
Chocolate chip cookies make all the missionaries go loco.

 President Turk gave a beautiful talk on Faith.
He gave each of his missionaries a mustard seed.
Actually it's a grain of wheat... 
He looked everywhere and couldn't find mustard seeds.
But you get the picture...

By the way this is one of my missionaries hands...
He should be a hand model.
I gave him a few extra cookies for his time.
 Elder Mecham will do anything for cookies.

 President told the story of Eric Liddle, the fantastic 
runner from Great Britain.
His story was made into the movie " Chariots of Fire"
While President was telling this story, he had the beautiful music
and segments of this movie being played behind him on the big screen.

He told the missionaries that Eric Liddle was 
one of the fastest men in the world.
He qualified for the 100 meter race for the Olympics in 1924.
He went over to France, where they were holding the Olympics that year. 
When he arrived, he realized that the qualifying races
for his event were on Sunday.
He was very religious and he would not run on Sunday.
He received so much grief and persecution for refusing to compete.

The Olympic committee let him compete in the 400 meters 
which was not being ran on Sunday.
He qualified for the race and right before the finals for the Gold medal race,
one of the competitors, who appreciated his decision not to run on Sunday,
 handed him a note that read...

"For Them That Honor Me... Will I Honor"
1 Samuel 2:30

No one running the 400 meter race was concerned about Eric Liddle.
He was a 100 meter racer.  
He was sure to give out in the last 100 meters of the 400.
He had not trained for this race.
The gun fired and they were all racing neck and neck
and when the last hundred meters came,
when Eric should have been hitting a wall,
He blew past everyone to not only receive 
a Gold Medal but a new world record that stood for many, many years.

(Elder Gomez and Elder Casanova, Zone Leaders in Casma)

Eric showed his faith when he refused to run on Sunday, 
not when he received the Gold Medal.
WIth just a little Faith.. even as small as the mustard seed,
majestic things can and will happen...
But we have to show our Faith and Obedience first.

Sorry, the condensed version did not do his presentation justice.

Casma - I had so much fun with all of you.
Thanks for everything.

Casma Zone Includes:
ZL's:  Casanova and Gomez

Elders:  Rom├ín, Shimp, Tello, Randall, Pugmire, Sandoval, Aburto,
Quispe, Zapata and Hill