Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Always Exciting....

Central Zone was in on Friday for Interviews....
They are a great and steady group of missionaries

They are highly motivated and have a lot of energy...

You feel their enthusiasm growing....

and you just can't keep them down...

and then all of a sudden... it is out of control!

... except for the sisters who are reading their mail and looking at photos.
They don't even notice what is happening around them.

Elder Hales was the winner of the Preach My Gospel Speed Search Game.

Central Zone is completely contagious with enthusiasm.

Central Zone Includes:
Hermanas Oliveros and Doxey
Elders Hyde, Whitelock, Herrera, Fuentealba, Araneda, 
Wallace, Jimenez, Hales
and the Zone Leaders Saldivia and Frietz.

Oops, someone was in the bathroom in the picture above...
but in the photo below we have everyone in the shot!
Guess Who?