Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, August 3, 2012

Primavera Zonies...

Look, our Zone Leaders are all getting a little more creative...
Are they wearing halos or crowns... both apply!
This is one of their practices... I love when they put a little thought and effort into it.
And I love my girls.

Elder Pillajo is one of the Zone Leaders in Primavera - Fantastic!

And here is the other Zone leader on the right....  Elder Davila.
I have no idea what Elder Vera and Elder Davila were doing
for this picture.... But I love the temple behind them.
Thanks to whoever took this photo

We threw a few magnetic darts...  

The girls were on their game.

Primavera includes:  Davila and Pillajo Zone Leaders
Elders: Tierra, Palacios, Calderone, Smith, Fullmer, 
Oyarzun, Felt, and Kellogg 
Hermanas: Mori, Montes, Langi, and Lujan

I love at the end of interviews...
 when they all kneel down together... 
to call down the powers from heaven to 
guide and direct us in His work. 
The power of prayer is real and very evident
in our lives.  He Lives and Loves us...
but we have to kneel and ask and show our faith. 

It is a privilege to serve our Heavenly Father always!