Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Field Trip... El Brujo!

Because Elder Vera is leaving soon...
He was able to choose between Pancakes with the President
in the mission home, a long honored tradition,
or a field trip to the archeological site of El Brujo
for Saturday morning.

Elder Vera is not a Foodie....   He chose the field trip!

President loaded all seven of them in his car and off they went.
These are the ruins of the Moche Civilization 
which took place between 100 BC - 650 AD.

There is a step pyramid there which consists of millions
of adobe bricks just like the Huaca del sol y la luna,
the other famous ruins here in Trujillo.
They are all the from the same Moche people.

This place used to be known as Huaca Cao Viejo
but it is now known as El Brujo meaning "the Sorcerer".
This name came from the healing ceremonies held on prominent hills...
this site was one of those.

The latest discovery at El Brujo was this pretty young lady.
Somehow this grave was left intact by the grave robbers.
They discovered it deep inside one of the mud brick pyramids in 2005.

She is a well preserved young woman
who has tattoos all over her arms, legs and feet.

She is about 1500 years old.
Her long hair is in braids.
She was buried with a lot of ornamental jewelry
nose rings, earrings, weapons, necklaces, gold, silver,
and of course a sacrificial skeleton lay next to her
to accompany her to the afterlife. 

This mummy has many experts speculating 
on who she was and her role in the Moche society.

Great field trip President.
They will remember it for a long time
as they are having nightmares of this mummy lady.

Elder Vera .... You should have picked the Pancakes!