Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, August 25, 2012

President's Big Wind Up....

Can you guess the Zone by these name tags?

If your son is in the Chimbote Peru Zone
his name is right here.

This was the last zone in Chimbote that we had interviews with.

President Turk feels left out sometimes when he is in interviewing and 
we are having all the great training and fun without him.

So he has to stop for a few minutes and get his throws in...

Such a big dramatic wind up... for winning only a small bag of chips.
Better luck next time President!

Zone Leaders are Elder Delafuente and Elder Olivares.

Here they all are... 
 Chimbote Peru Zone Includes:

Elders:  Velastigui, Wood, Jaramillo. Flansberg, Jensen, Oroxom, Cañarte,
Chatwin, Miranda, Rocha, Albújar, Perez, Rengifo, Morgan, Ramos, Calcina
Zone Leaders: Delafuente and Olivares

Home again, Home again....
We dropped off the three hardest working Elders in the mission.
(Elders Vera, Mecham and Cornejo)

These Elders make us happy every single day.
Thank you Assistants for your hard work and dedication...

in making this mission...