Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The President is Pooped!

After President Turk interviews 24 missionaries in a row...
he is pretty well spent.
Good thing he loves these missionaries like his own children.
We had the Palermo Zone in the morning.
The Zone Leaders are Northcott and Vera II
Great training was happening all day...
Palermo Zone includes
Hermanas: Coronel, Petherbridge, Rojas, and Galindo
Elders:  Batz, Young, Smith, Massey, Nye and SancĂ©
and the ZL's Vera II and Northcott
Every single time we take a photo...
without fail, arms go around each other
with out me saying a word... They love each other really!

And the Laureles Zone was in the afternoon...
 with Zone Leaders Lopez and Johnson

I am out of time and no internet
I will fill this in later when I get to Huaraz

Sweet Elder Levos was accompanying his district's musical number.
And I must say it was one of the best that we have heard.
Three part harmony and the intonation was fantastic,

Laureles Zone includes:
Hermanas: Eddings, Cevallos, Diaz and Jackson
Elders: Cerpa, Vanden Bosch, Canaan, Acuna, Levos, Palomino,
and ZL's Lopez and Johnson.

Fantastic Groups today.... We Love You All!