Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Placing it on the Altar...

Look at all the different face shapes that are in this square...
Each Elder looks so unique from the next. 
It is the same with their talents and abilities.

Each of these missionaries comes with a whole different
set of characteristics and personalities...

And that is what makes this calling so much fun!

 My greatest joy is getting to know each of them with their strengths 
and their weaknesses.
To watch them spread their wings and learn new things
is as thrilling as watching my grandchildren learn to walk...
And Penny is doing this right now
It is the cutest thing ever!

My missionaries go through the growing pains
of finding out who they are and what they are made of.

When they are willing to place all that they have,
not just their possessions and their time
but their pride, their ambitions, their stubbornness
their vanity
and their talents and abilities
on the Altar of the Lord...

And they say "My will is thy will"
This is when we see 
the most glorious change that can be made
with each of them.

This is when they receive happiness beyond measure.
They also have peace, success, love, joy
and everything else that is divine and sacred.

When we turn our lives over to the Lord
He can make so much more of them then we can.

This is what this earth life is all about.
Finding, Learning, Growing, Teaching, Refining, and then Repeating!

Porvenir Zone Includes:
Zone Leaders Elder Berroterán and Elder Brian

Elders:  Nelson, Patiño, Alva, Prestwich, Lobatón, Quispe, Calisaya, 
Palma, Mérida, Mollo, Russell, Camarena, Sumi and Ramos

I love each one of these Elders like crazy!