Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


We Made it... and We Love it!

We were with Chimbote Sur Zone today.
10 interviews in the morning 
and then we met for lunch together 
and then 10 more in the afternoon.

We will have a Chimbote Multi-Zone Conference tomorrow...

So all of these people will return again...  Yippy!

We will then have those that traveled in from Casma...

... stay after for interviews so they don't have to travel back in.
Then on Friday we will have Chimbote Peru Zone in for interviews.

Sometimes I blog while I am almost asleep...
but I don't want to miss a thing.

When life has given me the greatest gift ever....
I feel I have to share it!

And my daughter makes this blog into books.
I will get to look at them the rest of my life!

  Thanks for putting up with some wacky blog posts,
grammatical errors, spelling blunders, repetition, blurry photos etc...

I wish I could remember everything I learned in school
in my english classes, photography class, creative writing etc...

Que Será Será

Chimbote Sur Zone includes:

Zone Leaders -Elder Contreras and Elder Mamani
Hermanas: Avendano, Cornelio, Sandstrom, Jimenez, 
Apaza, Bond, Shearman, and Sheridan
Elders:  Zarian, Minaya, Almonacid, Herrera, Huaman, Bulmini, Ferreira, 
Guyman, Bustinsa and Romney