Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Otuzco and Huamachuco

After the big multi zone conference our work was not finished.
We went back to the offices 
and had interviews and training with Otuzco and Huamachuco

Elder Salazar, Elder Spencer, Elder Nystrom and Elder May
sang "Come, Come Ye Saints

"Oh Está Todo Bien"

After training... Some speed darts  (magnetic of course)

I said...
"Let's take your group photo..."

This is the pose that I got
Hugs - Squeeze - Joy

But of course the mean mom says...

"Okay drop your arms so that we can see everyone"

Elders in Otuzco are 
Elders Salazar, May, Nystrom and Spencer

Elders in Huamachuco are
Elders Astill, Merkley, Ordoñez, and Lorenzo

Zone Leaders are
Elder Márquez and Elder Castillo

We Love You!
Keep up the great work!