Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chunky Baby ... Elder Cook?

Remember when I posted this picture recently....

Elder Cook's mom remembered a baby picture of Elder Cook
that looked very similar to the photo I took.
She emailed it to show me how funny it was.
I love little chunky babies with big eyes... 
He hasn't changed a bit.
I thought it was very cute... but I didn't show him.
 I just printed several copies and with a little help 
we placed them all over.  All throughout the day Elder Cook
was running into his baby picture no matter where he went.

The first one he found was on the aisle of the grocery store 
where he buys refreshments for the visiting Zones.
He was a little surprised at this.
Then when he was checking out at the register, 
his photo was on the cover of 
one of the magazines in the rack...

When he was paying for lunch at the Norkies...
He didn't even notice his picture by the lunch specials
on the glass to his left.

His picture was everywhere and the funny thing about it 
was that we didn't even know that it was his
one year anniversary in the mission.
Good timing.
I have a feeling that he will be finding these photos 
around for a while...