Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, August 31, 2012

Elder Alexander T. Mestre

We went to the airport this afternoon and picked up
one of our Area Seventies coming in from Venezuela.
Elder Mestre has been with us before
but we met him in Chimbote last time.
This time we are taking him back to Chimbote with us.

He had to come in today, because of flight schedules...
so he asked that we put him to work.
He was a Mission President in Venezuela.
In fact he knows Julie and Fred.  They were serving
at the same time as the Ashbys.
Elder Mestre went out with Elder Frietz to work
for the afternoon and evening.

President Turk went out to work with 
the Zone Leaders in Palermo.

President went with Elder Northcott.  Elder Vera II
and this young convert went out with Elder Cornejo.
They always come home with fantastic stories.
I love when these leaders will 
beat the street with the young ones.