Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Give Me Strength...

I can't stop crying...

We are leaving today to go to Cajamarca to say goodbye.

We will be leaving:

                   *Some of Our Best Missionaries in the World
       *Great  Leaders and Special Members                                                                                                  *My little Jahaida and her Family
*the Beautiful City of Cajamarca
                  *and the only Mexican Food in our Mission.

My heart is really about to burst.
I am making a goodbye video for the missionaries
and I can't see through the tears
to finish the project.

I need strength.

I can do this.

oh ....  ouch

more tears

my makeup is ruined.

Please help me do this...
Please help them know that this is the right thing for each of us.
Please help them know how much we really love each one of them.

More tears....

I know... a little dramatic, but truly sincere!