Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sequestered on the Sabbath and a Note from the President

And again we are not able to go to church on the sabbath
because of the run-offs in the elections.

This election is for the President of the Country of Peru.
Pretty important...

But our President, President Turk has asked all the missionaries to read out loud
with their companions...
the Gospel of St. John.
President Turk is now going to tell you a few of his highlights
from this reading.

President Turk:

The Gospel According to Saint John in the New Testament is a testimony of Jesus Christ like no other.  The Prophet Joseph Smith through his inspired translation of the Bible changed the title of this book to read “The Testimony of John”
 because the account is one of an actual witness.
As we studied the book of John today I was astounded at how many different testimonies there were within the text of the divinity of the Lord…  the apostles, the disciples, the Holy Ghost, our Heavenly Father, the Jews, the Romans and even Jesus himself, all bear witness that Jesus is the Savior of mankind or the Son of God or the King of the Jews.  Christ declares that He is: the Messiah, the bread of life, the living bread, the light of the world, the Son of Man, He that testifies of the Father, the gate, the good Shepherd, the Son of God, the resurrection, the life, the way, 
the truth, the vine, and I AM.
The tender account of Jesus' willing submittal to the authorities that would allow Him to be crucified is a perfect example of loving, dutiful, humble, manly service.  To read these verses is to hear the voice of eternity testify, as a grudging Pilate did - 
Behold, the Man!” (John 19:5) 

Jesus Christ is our perfect example now and forever…of this I testify.

Thank you Terry... And I testify of this also.