Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Surprise... Let's check out those Rooms!

Surprise... Elder Mayorga
I love to walk in on the district meetings to ask for the
 keys to their rooms.

They are usually in some deep discussion.  
Here, Elder Gomez is expounding on the keys of the kingdom...
but all I need are the keys to their rooms.

I am amazed every single day at the missionary program.
To watch these young men and women
leave their worldly lives behind for two years
and serve and teach and preach
to people all over the earth is absolutely a miracle.

I brought these Elders with me today.
Look, all in blue..

The inspection committee is ready.

Guess what we found...

Rooms that were all as "neat as a pin"
What does this saying mean?
Is this even the right saying?

I looked it up... It is talking about when pins started to become
mass produced instead of hand made.  They all became very 
unified in size, shape and color.
Good to know.

Congratulations Florencia de Mora!
There were no beetlebombs...
what does this saying mean?
Is this even the right saying?

Oh dear, here we go again...