Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, June 24, 2011

Great Elders Coming Your Way Chiclayo!

This is the last bunch to leave us to go to the Chiclayo Mission.
Thank goodness because I am dehydrated from the tears.
They are going to be fine.  They are ready and they 
are excited to work hard for President Risso.
The new president in Chilcayo is from Uruguary
and served as a counselor to my brother-in -law, Fred Ashby
when he served as the Mission President in Montivideo.
Fred also baptized his wife when he was serving in 
Uruguay in his youth about 35 years ago.

Elder McGrath is going into the new mission as the Assistant
We have loved having him here in our office for the last month.
He is full of life and can motivate and lift the other missionaries.
President calls him "a man of action"
He is a great missionary and loves people.

 This is our dear Elder Monzon who served with us in the office
as the secretario de suministros.
He has been serving as district leader in Casa Grande recently
and has been an inspiration to those he served.
He has child like faith that can move mountains.
We are inspired by him and his pure love.

Elder Almanza is heading to chiclayo as the Secretary of Records.
He has a great sense of humor and can do all kinds of funny voices.
Hi is excited for the new mission and the experiences it will bring.
He is a very hard worker.  He is always the last one working
They will love him in the new mission.

 Elder Burymiski has already made a huge difference in Guadalupe.
The Local Leaders have called President Turk to see if there are more
missionaries like Elder Burymski, but no, He is one of a kind.
His positive attitude lifts those around him.
He will make a great leader in the Chiclayo Mission.

 Elder Mendoza came to us from Lima not too long ago.
He began his mission in Guadalupe and has been an effective missionary there.
He works hard and wants to be a great Elder.
We can see his diligence and testimony growing every day.

 Elder Gomez is the outstanding District leader of this Group.
He has been in the mission the same time as us.
He has overcome the small trials that can get you down in the mission
to become a great help to those in need.
He has a powerful testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ
We will never forget him! 

 Elder Vilca is leaving us with several in his arriving group.
He is one of our steady warriors.
He puts the needs of others first and seeks for unity.
His humility will help him for the rest of his life.
He wants to do what is right.
He will become a huge asset to President Risso.

 Elder Casupa is from Bolivia and played professional soccer.
Futbol was his love and almost kept him from coming on a mission.
Thank goodness he his here.  He is driven to be great.
His competitive nature pushes him to new heights.
He wants to be a bird that flies... no walking for him!
We will miss him!

Elder Chuiz is loved by the missionaries.
He is here for the right reason.  He has a deep testimony.
He loves the Lord and we know that he will serve
with all his heart, might, mind and strength.
I can't believe that these great ones are leaving us.

They might Physically be in the Chiclayo Mission
But they will always be OUR missionaries!

Our Prayers and Hearts go with them...
Please take care of each other.


Here is their goodbye video!