Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Goughs - say it like coughs - Got it?

These are our friends the Goughs.
He is the new Area Doctor now living in Lima.
They are from England.
They came to our mission these past two days 
to teach health and 
review our hospitals and clinics in Trujillo.

The great thing about this story is that Sister Gough 
served here over 30 years ago as a young Health Missionary.  
She had been a member for only 4 years
and was called to serve in the Lima Peru Mission which included all of Peru.

We drove around Trujillo today and found the house she 
lived in for 6 months while she served in this city back then.
If you look at this picture, 
it is the cream colored house behind her head.
 She lived on the third floor with the balcony.

During their training they put on quite a show.
Here they are teaching a few of our Zone Leaders.

It was like watching a British Comedy on the BBC.

Doctor Gough is very animated.
Here he is teaching Elders how to release stress so that they can sleep.

They also learned  to tense up their whole body...  hold it, hold it...

Come on Elders... Do it with me....

And Release...

They were all smiles and laughs and that definitely releases stress.

Then he worked on deep breathing techniques.

and other therapies that will help each one of them.

Here he is acting like a duck... 
I'm not quite sure what this technique was called.

The best part of the session was reminding them 
that prayer is the greatest stress release.
What a blessing it is to have a Heavenly Father 
that hears and answers prayers.

After training, we were off to check out the clinics and then we took them to the airport.

We hope they can return real soon.
Thank you so much Elder and Hermana Gough.

Thank goodness they are only a phone call away.

The health of our missionaries is our top priority.
We are getting better and better at keeping them healthy and 
happy and stress free.