Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our newest ones... but not for Long!

These are our newest missionaries and their trainers.
They have been with us only 4 weeks.
We had a conference with them today and we have decided that
each group of missionaries that come to us 
just keep getting better and better.

 Hermanas Herrera and Montes

 Elders Minaya and Qualls

 Elders Mamani and Huntington

 Elders Casanova and Terry

 Elders Erickson and Arriola

 Elders Cornejo and Valdivia

 Elders Farfan and You know

 Elders Lopez and Brian

 Elders Castro and Elder Chun

 Elders Uribe and Johnson

 Elders Dickerson and Castro

 Hermanas Montes and Apaza

 Elders Chicche and Hannemann

 Elders Warren and Arteaga

Oh what they will do for the extra Macdonald's Burger and Fries
They wanted to wrestle, NO WAY... Paper, Rock, Scissors... Okay

Elder Minaya was the victor and happy as heck!

Here are the new ones minus Elder Brian who had to catch the early bus.
They won't be the new ones much longer.  Our next batch comes in two weeks and there
are 33 of them.  Oh boy... This is going to be tricky!