Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, June 3, 2011

What a Day...

Here's a little piece of what we did today.
It was a strange day.

We started in the park for a walk.
It's always perfect weather.

We were in the office in the morning and these Elders were in 
President Turk's home office updating the board this afternoon.
This board is a Presidents life.
There is nothing more prayed over and studied than 
the movement of each of the missionaries.

We stopped by our favorite fresh fruit stand.
President Turk loves his mangos and peaches.
I love the pineapple.

We said Hey to the Catolicos.

and also to the Mayor
He lives in the blue house
or I should say his offices are in the blue building.

Then on to Wong, the grocery store for some great groceries
for the missionary breakfast at our house in the morning.

I always get a little fascinated with the seafood.
I don't eat seafood, so I have to take photos of it.

I think I will have Lucy prepare octopus for Meg and Isaac, 
my niece and nephew 
that are coming to Peru in a few weeks.
What do you think Meg and Ike?
Si or No?

I love the presentation of the food in the photo below.
The colors are beautiful.
I just wish I liked to eat this.
I am a true landlocked Arizona Mexican food eating girl.

Melissa, my sister -in- law and Summer, my other niece that is coming, 
would eat this.
I will have some exotic things for you to try.
Don't worry.