Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fountain of Youth!

This is a picture of the thermal springs that ran through our hotel in Cajamarca.
It is about 140 degrees.  These waters are full of great nutrients. 
Elder McGrath told me that if you bathe in it you will look
fifteen years younger... well yeah, it will burn off 
the wrinkles.  This water is used in the showers
in our rooms.  So I just took extra long
showers and yes, sure enough
I look fantastic!
Everyone Come Quickly to Peru
Before it runs out.
I love the look of the steam.

These are the Banos del Inca... the same thermal springs fill these pools
and the locals come and soak in them.

These are the outdoor baths at the Hotel.  
They look very dramatic and alluring.

These pictures below were taken in the hills of Cajamarca.
I love this one because look at the variety of animals that this man owns

And the baby pig is the cutest.  He was trying to keep up with all the big guys.

Elder Nichols took this picture of a truck. 
I said, "Why a picture of the chicken truck"...

Then I looked a little closer and I saw a lot of giant Cuy (guinea pig) getting ready for dinner.
Well, someone else's dinner.
Sad.  I am turning very quickly into a vegetarian.
Cuy anyone?    Yum, Yum!