Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, June 17, 2011

There They Go...

 We just said our goodbyes with the Elders in Cajamarca.
They are part of the Elders being divided off with the new
Chiclayo Mission.

The Testimony meeting will be something I will never forget.
We have watched these boys become Men of God.
Each one is so dear to us.
 This is Elder Albines.  He is one of the Zone Leaders.
He is very obedient and full of Faith.
He follows through on every assignment with exactness
He will take great care of these Elders.
He is a successful missionary and will have a very successful life.

 We have seen the most growth with Elder Vasquez.
He was an orphan growing up.  It was not an easy upbringing.
But this gospel has given him strength and understanding.
He knows that he is a son of God.
He is an excellent missionary.
We are so proud of him.

 Elder Rojas said that when he came into the mission
he had a rough edge.
But all I see now is the sweetest Elder ever 
who has grown to love all people.
His testimony has been strengthened through his 
diligence to help others Come unto Christ.

 Elder Vasquez' middle name is Helaman.
He wants to be like Helaman... Faithful and Diligent.
He works hard at everything he does.
He has been a huge asset to our mission
Chiclayo is very lucky to have him.

 Elder Ogburn has many Elders that look up to him
He is actually 6'3" and looks especially tall in Peru.
He is striving to do what is right
and is always looking to improve his efforts in the mission.

 Elder Allred's Spanish is improving rapidly.
He loves to study and wants to keep every rule and standard
He has had a great beginning to his mission
and we know that he will have a fantastic ending.

 Elder Davila is our quiet power house.
He knows how to get things done 
because he is a self starter
He has had five North American companions in row.
He is very patient. 

 Elder Cardoza is the other Zone Leader.
His English is fantastic. I appreciate that.
He is a natural leader.  He is capable in every way.
The President has a great deal of confidence in him.
He is a successful missionary.

Elder Rodriquez has been a District Leader and a Trainer.
Our trainers have the most important leadership responsibility in our mission;
it is the most important job here.
We would recommend him for any leadership calling.
He works well with the members and has activated many less actives.

 Elder Villalobos came to Trujillo at the same time we did.
He is serving as a District Leader right now.
He has learned his responsibilities quickly.
He knows his purpose and focuses on the most important things first.
He is extremely kind and looks out for others.

 This is Elder Brigham Cerrutti.
In the short time he has been in the mission
he has grown tremendously.
His infectious optimism has a positive effect on the 
missionaries and members alike.
We expect great things from him.

 We are going to miss Elder Eastwood and his
musical abilities.  He is serving as a District Leader 
and is a great help to the other missionaries.
He is humble and teachable.
The Chiclayo mission will love having him.

In my family when someone leaves on a mission, we all bring a tie 
with our name on the back of it.  So when the missionary wears the tie
they will remember that we are praying for them and that we love them.
We got each of these Elders a tie and put our name on the back.
We will be praying for each of them in this transition and 
throughout their mission.

There they go...
Our cowboys are walking into the sunset.

We are so proud of them.
Each one is leaving us with a strong testimony of our Savior.
We expect great things from all of them.

Muchismas Gracias Elders
Con mucho amor, 
Presidente y Hermana Turk

I am adding their goodbye video for them here...

This video also includes Elder McGrath who is going into the other mission as an assistant.