Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guadalupe Goodbyes!

We drove to Pacasmayo/Guadalupe today 
to say goodbye to some more of our Elders
When we got there Elder Nichols was complaining that his neck hurt
I wonder why?
 The Assistants are working like crazy.
but They just can't keep up with us.
Terry and I are running circles around them... ha ha

When we arrived we found these gentlemen waiting for us.
These are the six Elders from Guadalupe that will be leaving us.
We also had the three from the office that will be going too.

 So nine more in this group.
It was brutal.  I cried again like a baby

 These are the cool seahorses near the plaza in Pacasmayo.
Elder McGrath told me that they shoot water out of their mouths into the
fountain in the middle.  I have never seen them do that.
I hope they really do because that would be beautiful.
Can anyone tell me if this is true?
Elder McGrath can sometimes kid with me.
There is a beautiful beach here in Pacasmayo too.

Here are the nine.  I am going to write about them tomorrow.

We gave them their ties.
They are really ready to go 
and serve where the Lord wants them to go.
Chiclayo here they come.

They will always have a place in my heart, my home and my family.
They are Precious to me.


"Elder McGrath please don't do that."
He can take two steps and jump over 
Elder Burymski in one hop.

I love you Elder McGrath.