Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lunch with Lucy and Ali

I just had lunch with 32 of my closest friends...
The Zone Leaders and the Office Staff.

Sounds like no big deal right?
Oh boy, look what goes into this beautiful feast.
Every single thing that Lucy and Ali do to prepare this food
is labor intensive.

For instance:

The lemonade is made from these sweet limes.

Each lime is cut in half and squeezed in a small hand juicer big enough for a half a lime.
They do this over and over and over and over and over

Until they have huge amounts for thirsty missionaries.

Just going to the store to get all the groceries is enough work.
There are bags and bags of heavy groceries
Here are just a few of the potatoes they have to haul.

They then wash the potatoes, peel thousands of potatoes...

Cut up each potato into french fry wedges.

Put them into a large bowl

 They are ready to go into the oil to become the elders favorite...

Papas Fritas... French Fries.

The elders plates are piled high with these precious hand cut fries.
I know how much work they are... so I eat them sparingly.

They peel and cut up all the vegetables and then blanch them.

The broccoli is always gone no matter how many platters they prepare.

We can't eat lettuce here in Peru, so they always have platters of tomatoes and Cucumbers 
 and avocado with dressings to choose from.

They blanch these ricoto peppers
and then they put them into the blender with other secret ingredients
and make delicious spicy sauces.

The beef is slow cooked and falls apart in your mouth.
The flavors they puts in with the meat are unbelievable
The gravy is fantastic.

They are still not finished cutting and preparing.
They then peel and cut peaches and pineapple.
Time consuming... Feet throbbing.... Finger burning... back breaking

And we are not done yet... They make pans of brownies from scratch
that taste like a million bucks.

They frost these bars and put ice cream on them
and then cover them in homemade hot fudge sauce.

We can never thank Lucy and Alicia for what they do.
Did I mention that they serve all of this food on China and Glassware.
So after all this hard work,

They still do all the Dishes!

and they won't use the dishwasher.

Are you exhausted...  I am!