Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, June 27, 2011

New Assistant - New Personal Secretary

The time has come to make a few office changes.
Elder Kyle Nichols will be finishing his mission in a couple of weeks.
So he is training a new Assistant with Elder Chacaltana.

Elder Mark Pickett has been called to serve as an Assistant

Elder Pickett is a farm boy from Oakley, Idaho

He is a fantastic missionary, He knows how to work hard.
He has a strong testimony
and knows why he is here.

He is a  quarterback... we are going to let him make a few calls
and watch his team win.

Also it is time for Elder Sam Andersen to head out in the field.
He has been unbelievable in our office.
His talents are many and his enthusiasm contagious.

He has been with us for quite a while
He is having a hard time giving up his phone...

And his office space...

But look who is taking over for our Personal Secretary

It's Elder Cedar Glasgow from Mesa, Az
What a fantastic place.

He looks like he is comfortable already.
(maybe too comfortable)

We are going to miss Elder Nichols who has been so great and steady.
And of course Elder Andersen will still be with us working hard as usual.
(that's life in the mission)

Thank you Elders
We Love You
You are the Best!