Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Impressive Talent Show... Who Knew?

 We had the best time last night.

We went to our stake Relief Society Talent Show.
I wasn't sure how the night would go...
But let me tell you, they went all out for this event.

They practiced their dance numbers two months in advance.
They rented elaborate costumes.
They got professional choreographers
and it turned into a grand night for everyone.

This is my ward... the California Ward.
They had two great dances with colorful costumes.
and below is my friend Martha Giraldez
She is a talented dancer.

These two ladies below just made my night.
They came out with their ward and danced the Marinara beautifully.

Buenos Aires Ward chose the Waltz.  
The ladies recruited their husbands, sons, brothers and it was spectacular.

There were also soloists, lip syncs, jive, twist and lyrical storytelling.

I was so happy we went.
Thank you Martha for inviting us.