Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, June 24, 2011

Guest Post: Elder Scott Daniel McGrath

Our Incan Quest through the Ancient aqueduct ruins of Cumbe Mayo

Elder S.D. McGrath

A beautiful view of Cajamarca 

While we were in Cajamarca to have our last testimony meeting with the Elders who will be going to the new Peru Chiclayo Mission, we had to show President Turk some of the magnificent sights of Cajamarca. We headed out from the hotel at 7:00am in the red, 4x4, all terrain, hefty duty, elite, Chrysler  Town and Country minivan and started our trek up the steep, windy, dangerous, adventurous, rocky, green,  beautiful, very steep mountains heading for Cumbe Mayo. When we arrived to our destination we started our hike down into the stone forest. Cumbe Mayo is internationally known for its volcanic rock formations and Pre-Incan “aqueduct” (Thought to be constructed around 1500 BC and thought to be the oldest existing man-mad structure in South America) "Wikipedia pg 315”  Many of the rock formations are covered in ancient petroglyphs or inscriptions which were carefully engraved into the surfaces. Throughout our journey we scaled the rock forest, army crawled deep, dark tunnels and traversed many rivers and primordial bridges. We saw many beautiful sights along the way filled with ancient meanings and beliefs. It was a great experience getting to know a little bit more about this wonderful country where we are currently serving - Peru.

Elder Scott D. McGrath