Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, May 4, 2012


Here are the great missionaries in Chimbote...
and the surrounding areas.

Just a little 


We have three Zones in the Chimbote Area.
This is the Casma Zone...
Zone Leaders are Elder Prebe and Elder Gomez
Elders: Ortellado, Randall, Román, Fuentealba, Tello, Flansberg,
Russell, De Paz, Martinez and León

Chimbote Sur Zone Includes
Zone Leaders:  Elders Mendoza and Mamani
Hermanas:  Langi, Shearman, Bell, Sanchez, Mori, Mendoza, 
Cevallos, Sheridan, Elders:  Villena, Jimenez, Farfán, Velez, Morales, 
Guymon, Romney, Patiño, Cottle, and Bulmini

And lastly
Chimbote Perú Zone
Zone Leaders:  Elders Márquez and Wilkinson
Elders: Spencer, Araneda, Casanova, Colonio, Behotas, Sancé, Pugmire,
Aquino, Coronado,  Arriola, Gutierrez, Qualls, Quispe, Chatwin, 
Jensen and Sandoval

They are Glorious Men and Women of God!