Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Angels Among Us...

We are in Chimbote.
Our days and hours are filled to the brim.
This afternoon we honored our wonderful Pensionistas
here in the Chimbote Area.

They are beautiful... 
and it was time that our missionaries served them for a change.

The office Elders and The Zone Leaders went right to work
and we put on a great program and prepared some delicious food for each of them.

And then of course we gave them each their missionary name tag
that just happens to be attached to an apron.

This pensionista has been serving for almost 20 years.

Each one is special and has dedicated a big portion of their time
to help keep our missionaries healthy and happy.

The missionaries appreciate their Pensionistas a little more
as they were trying to prepare a table of food
that looked good and tasted good.

They succeeded.
Thank you Elders for all your help today.
Everything you did was super!
But most of all

Thanks again and much Love to our Pensionistas...
You deserve a Medal!