Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Keep Flying Huaraz Zone...

The scenery is breathtaking up in the mountains of Huaraz.
Here are the Assistants in a roadside photo
up in the white mountains of PerĂº.
I am so thankful for the Assistants taking over my job on this road trip.
They gave my talks and did my training.
They had the musical numbers.
They played fun games.
They gave out prizes.
They took pictures.
They didn't miss a beat.
Good to Know
The Zone Leaders, Elder Brito and Elder Hurley are working well with 
the Priesthood Leaders in Huaraz.  They are fantastic Leaders to their Zone.
Theses Hermanas are consistent high achievers.
They know how to work hard and see results.

Here we have the young and the old in the mission.
Elder Castillo is young and strong.
Elder Terry is old and wise.
They are a powerful companionship.

Elder Hoyos is a new District leader 
and Elder Young is a very fast learner.
They are very synchronized in their teaching. 

Elder Vanden Bosch and Elder Minaya are in Caraz, the furthest from us.
But they are a huge strength to the new young Bishop in their area.
We love their leadership.

Elder Armstrong is a new strong District Leader and 
Elder Cruz teaches from the heart.
He is young but very tender and warm in his teachings.
They work in Yungay which hopefully will become a branch soon.

Elder Beazer and Elder Contreras work in Huarupampa.
They work really well together. Elder Contreras is dedicated to details.
They graph all their indicators so they can see their progress.

Elder Massey is training Elder Ureta.  They will be traveling in this week for 
the new ones and their trainers meeting.  We will see them on Wednesday.
President says that humility is their middle name.
They are following promptings and seeing results.

Huaraz...  We are Proud of You!
Keep on Soaring!