Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, May 28, 2012


The little wonder boys, my grandsons Griff and Tillman, 
were at the cemetery 
with their parents this week for Memorial Day.
It is such a beautiful tradition to pay honor to those who have served 
our Country, those that have paved the way for each of us
and those that have sacrificed everything for the Gospel.
It's our Family...   
Making memories with those that have passed on before us.
How great it is to listen to and tell stories of those 
that loved us and still love us... 
They are very near to each of us.
Their work on the other side is their family.
Our work on this earth is our Family...

We are a continuous chain that pulls and helps each other.

That is why the Priesthood Ordinances are so important to each of us.
What is bound on earth is bound in heaven.
The sealing ordinances tie us together in ways that we won't 
understand fully in this life.
But they are a blessing to us beyond belief.

President Turk has been talking about his siblings during this round of 
Zone Conferences.

You see, he is the oldest of three children in his family
but his younger sister and brother have already passed on 
to the other side of the veil.
Misty, his sister passed away from cancer at the age of 25.
His brother Randy died at the age of 38.
His brother had a difficult life out of the church dealing with 
physical addictions that he could not get passed.

He used to say to President Turk,  if I could just save someone
from a burning building or dive in and rescue someone from drowning
then my whole life would all be worth something.

President Turk told his sweet brother Randy that he didn't need 
to save someone to make his life worthy... 
You see, our Savior, Jesus Christ 
already has given His life for us so that we can 
make our lives whole and well and worthy
through His sacrifice and love.
We can receive all that He has for us
if we will turn to Him,
Repent and follow Him.
He can make so much more out of our lives than anything
we can do with them.
He makes our lives WHOLE.
This feeling can't be bought.  It is found
through living the Gospel of Jesus Christ 
and it is Priceless.