Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hey.. We Are Back on the Road

Yes we are on the road again...
We are heading to Casma for a District Conference
tomorrow on Mother's Day.

By the way... Happiest Mother's Day to all of our 
Missionary Moms.
We thank you for your wonderful children.
When you talk to them tomorrow please help then
keep track of the time.
You want them to be obedient.
We have been asked to keep the calls to 40 minutes.
Let's do it!

This little settlement below is how people can stake a claim to 
owning land here.  They have to build a little 
residence and stay there for several years until the land
can be deeded over to them by the Government.
I don't know all the crazy laws... but it's something like this.

I drove behind this bus for awhile and about started to cry.
Do you see the sheep on top that is tied down?
He would try to free himself and twist and kick.
I am not really an animal activist but 
I started to pray for this little sheep.
He had to have a bad head rush.

When we arrived to Chimbote, President and the Assistants went to an
Area Leadership training in one of the chapels here
and they met up with our great Zone Leaders from 
Chimbote Sur.  It is our largest Zone.
This is Elder Mamani and Elder Mendoza.

Elder Mendoza was baptized by his father when he was eight years old
and Elder Mamani joined the church nine years ago.
His whole family was taught the Gospel 
by the missionaries and they all joined together.
(Both his parents and his three siblings and him)
This is rare.  He was born here in Peru and now he and his family 
live in Chile.

One of the missionaries that taught Elder Mamani's family was 
Sister Elaine Dalton's son.
She is the General President of the Young Women.
When she was in Chile a couple of years ago
she visited Elder Mamani and His family.
Such a sweet story.
Thank you so much Elder Dalton... We love Elder Mamani.
What would we do without him.
And I love to say his name.