Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Fantastic Four

Last night we got to the airport and the flight with 
our new ones was a little late
so we found a bench and waited.
Elder Brian went out today as a Zone Leader.  
It will be different around the office without him.
Thank you Elder Brian for all your work here with us.
We expect great things from you as usual.

We had a new sign made for the airport with our Temple logo.
Great job Elder Richards.

And then the Fun arrived.
Four new Elders came with all the excitement we expected.

They are Fantastic.

Elder Fullmer is from Maryland.
Before he came he was a folk dancer at BYU.
He wants to work for the CIA.

Elder Nystrom is from South Carolina.
He doesn't have an accent, but he gave me some pretty stereotypical answers...
He likes to shoot guns, fry chicken, and play the harmonica.
Molly, he reminds me a little of Lando.
He is great!

Elder Smith's middle name is Moyle.
His great, great grandfather is 
John Roe Moyle the dedicated builder of the 
Salt Lake Temple.

Elder Ureta is from Peru
He wants to work in computer animation and graphic design.

Elder Fullmer is being trained by Elder Castillo
and they will be serving in Villa Del Mar here in Trujillo.

Elder Smith is being trained by Elder Mendoza
and they will be serving in the area Trujillo in the Palermo Zone

Elder Ureta is being trained by Elder Massey 
and they are heading to the mountains of Huaraz
in the area Carhuaz.

Elder Nystrom is being trained by Elder Cerpa
and they are heading to Otusco.

We have them, we love them
and we will take good care of them.

Thank you parents, you have done a great job!
And they are off!