Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Elder Jose Rivera...

Look... Do you remember Elder Jose Rivera?
He was one of our missionaries
that finished his mission with us over a year ago.
He was one of my original Cowboys in Cajamarca.
He is in Lima now schooling and working, 
but his mother and brother and sisters are here in Trujillo.
Yesterday he was back in Trujillo because our Sister Missionaries
taught his mother the Gospel and she accepted to be baptized.

SO he came for the weekend to baptize his mother.
It was a very sweet - emotional day.

Hermanas Coronel and Cornelio
taught his mother and this beautiful 18 year old that was baptized yesterday.
I am so happy that I was there.
Congratulations to Elder Rivera and his Mother.

These are the sweetest days we'll know!