Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Little Down in the Espalda...

Okay.... Please, Look at Me!

Wow,  Are you ready now?


Porvenir Zone was in for interviews and they received a special bonus gift ...

President Turk's 
Special Routine to cure the common Back Pain.

He absolutely lives by it and swears by it.
Three or four quick exercises every morning
and Voila... the pain disappears!

Those that were interested came into President Turk's office 
and had a private lesson on back pain.
The missionaries that do these exercises  
say that they really do help a lot.

It is interesting to ask the Elder and Sisters where they hold their stress.
Most Elders hold it in their middle to lower backs.
A few Elders feel it in their stomachs

Most of the Hermanas hold it in their shoulders and necks
which creates headaches and neck pain.
Some of our Sisters feel it also in their stomachs.

No time for Stress... We are too Busy!  
This just gave me stress.