Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One Month Check Up!

What a confident group we were with today.
All of our new ones and their trainers were in for their 
one month check up.

They are all thriving and doing well.
We will not have to give them any inoculations.

In fact, the gringos... Nystrom, Smith and Fullmer are doing
very well with their spanish skills.
They don't feel like they are doing well, but trust me,
they are fantastic for one month in the field.
Elder Ureta the only new latino is already giving the 
commission in English.

Better than their Language skills are all of their attitudes.
They are really positive and happy.

We can't ask for anything more than this from our 
young ones.  And a big shout out to their successful trainers.
We Love Our Trainers!

All we need to do is just stay our of everyones way
so we don't mess up anything.
Gracias Elderes!