Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Who Has The Keys?

After lunch with Laureles Zone and Palermo Zone,
we said goodbye to Laureles 
and Palermo came with us to the office for interviews.  
President Turk had to run to the hospital with
a couple of the office Elders to give a blessing.
We were going to start without him.

When we got to the office,
one office Elder at a time came up the stairs 
and they didn't have their keys.
All four that were with me, left their keys in the office,
because they knew that all the others had their keys with them.

So we waited...
and Waited...
and waited...

Until finally we just had to use our heads...
Well, we used Elder DelaFuente's head as a battering-ram

It was awesome... we love to use all the resources we have.


The office Elders learned a lesson...
And now Elder Wright has just the place 
to carry his keys so that he will never forget,

Great to be with all of you Palermo.
You make us Happy!

Palermo Zone
ZONE LEADERS:  Mecham and Arena

Elders: Batz, Merida, Arena, Mecham, Nye, Bingham, Smith and Mendoza
Hermanas:  Galindo, Bond, Cornelio and Coronel