Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Massive Marriages!

I need to add one more thing to your "to do list"

when getting your son or daughter ready for a mission.
Besides Scriptures, Prayers, Preach My Gospel etc....
please add

Wedding Planning 

Here in Peru one of the great obstacles of getting
people prepared for baptism is to get them married.

It is such a hassle to find all of the records for the people
when they were not born here
or they have lost them.
The paperwork is a nightmare.
It is expensive and difficult to secure valid Birth Certificates here.

But our Sweet Elder Gamboa found a solution!
He met with the Mayor of Huacapongo
(can you say walka - pone- go?)
Which is East of Viru in the mountains
and he has the authority to marry people
without requiring their birth certificates.

Now he comes to our ward building in Viru
and for a reduced fee
He will do many marriages.
The missionaries will bus them in from their areas
and help their investigators get married.

Our missionaries are turning out to be great wedding planners.
Cakes, Decorations, Photography etc...
Last week they had 14 marriages.
And then the baptisms followed.

Thank you to all the Elders that helped with this special day.

Elder Gamboa, Elder Vera, Elder Davila, Elder Fackrell, Elder Chicche,
and many more...