Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, May 7, 2012


Night before last we were in Chimbote asleep in our hotel room.
We woke up in the middle of the night
to dogs howling.
I thought... "maybe it's because of the giant moon."

They got louder and louder.
President had to close the window because it 
was out of control.
Now I was awake and I was thinking about
all those dogs...
Why were they all going crazy?

The next morning as I was putting on my makeup,
my chair started to sway forward and backward.
I asked Terry if he felt it 
and he said no....
But I told him that now I know why the dogs were howling.
We were having little earthquake tremors.
He told me that I was a dog.
I said, Thank you.
He clarified and said that I was as sensitive as a dog.
He couldn't feel them.
I googled latest earthquake tremors and Yes, there was a 5.0
just south of Chimbote.
There was one in the night and then small ones in the morning.

The scariest part of this story was that when I was taking a shower
the lights were flickering on and off.
AHHHH earthquake ....
Eathquakes are not scary...But being naked in an earthquake

I am keeping my robe very close to me at all times.
By the way...
Nobody cares about these little tremors but me.
Because I am a rookie... I still get excited.