Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chubba- da- Walk

My dear Grandson Walker
formerly known as
"Chubba-  da- Walk"
Is not so chubby any more.
You see, he turned ONE today.
He is turning into a real boy and not a baby.
(tear streaming down my cheek)

His older brother Griff is teaching him how to take a bite of his basketball cake.

Happy Birthday Walker!

He is looking at himself in the mirror and reflecting on how
he could have made his first year of life any better

He has such a sweet temperament.
We miss him... 
But he knows who we are... thank goodness for Skype.
He runs right over to the computer screen
and stares at us... and giggles with us.
When he reaches for me though, I lose it.

He will someday know
why we were in Perú and not with him...

It was

Thank you Heavenly Father for these beautiful Grandchildren.
They are the Light of my Life!