Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Beautiful Vistas

Another thing we did with the Mission Presidents
was climb into small buses and head
through the desert to see views like this.

President is with the Waddell's and the Ghent's.
Waddells are in the Area Presidency and the Ghents are serving
in Quito, Ecuador.  It was so windy.  Our guide says that it is 
constantly at 40 miles an hour and more.

The desert was like a moonscape.
Talk about the Lone and Dreary World...
It went on forever.

We were out in the middle of no where...  it felt like we were on the moon
but our missionaries could still find us.  Unbelievable!
We still had phone service wherever we went.
We lose service driving up to our cabin in Arizona.
But in the most remote destinations in Peru.... Service!
Only the office elders knew that we were gone for the week.

Run, Hermana Manning, Run...
I think she escaped the wave but a few of the other women
were covered by the water.

I love this picture.
We all climbed up this hill to get a great view of the whole Pacific Ocean.
But look at everyones silhouette.
Aren't they funny.

I can name all of them.  I hope they can find themselves.

Here are the Bluncks and the Dorius'... Presidents in the Lima Missions.
They came out with us.  We love them.

There was a perfect flat rock that reminded us of Little Mermaid
when she sings "Part of your World"
and Karen just jumped on the rock and recreated that moment
for us.  She is the best!   New Shells?

So much fun with so many great people.  
These memories will last forever.

Thank you to the Area Presidency and all those 
that took part in the preparations.

Mission Presidents Seminar November 2011