Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to Molly, Melissa and Meg!

I was looking for some photos of my daughter Molly 
to put on the blog to wish her a happy birthday
and when I found some of her by herself
it seemed strange....

This was last year when she was on one of the streets in Trujillo Central.

Molly looks so much better when she has her fellas all around her.
She is a beautiful Wife and Mother and Sister and Daughter.
She is also a fun Aunt and Cousin and Niece.

She just beams when she is with her boys.

And here is my Meggie Pie.  She is my niece
and shares a birthday with her mother Melissa 
and my daughter Molly.
The 3 M's share the 17th of November.
This is Meg in Trujillo with Purple man, a little family tradition.
Purple man has traveled all over the world on missions, 
honeymoons, Universities etc....

Melissa (dancing below)  is married to my brother Tom.
They brought their family to Peru to see us in July.
One of the greatest memories is when we were
all pulled up out of the audience to dance with the Professionals.
Melissa was great...
But my brother Tom and I were dying.
Farnsworth's are not known for their great dancing skills...
Especially in front of all my missionaries.

Thanks for the funniest memory ever.
I just laugh out loud when I think about how
awkward Tom and I were.
You wouldn't know it because we pulled it off.
Right Tom?
We were dancing in grass because it was at the 
Horse show...  that's right the horses dance the marinera also.

Happiest Birthday to the 3 M's.
I love you!