Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Night of Entertainment...

We are in Paracas Peru at our Mission Presidents Seminar.
We are 20 miles away from the Epicenter of the 6.9 Earthquake last week.  
Exciting!  I really want to feel a few after shocks.
There are 25 Mission Presidents here from the 
five Countries that are in our area.
(Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador)
We are being trained by our Area Presidency.
We have had a long day of training.
So tonight they brought in some fun entertainment.

These dancers are young men and women from the local Stake.
They were unbelievable.
They were decked out in all authentic costumes.

The dances were professional and difficult.
They have been practicing for months.

There were several dances from all different areas of Peru.

These young men are all pre-mission getting ready to put in their papers.
They were fantastic and so fun to watch

 We loved that they did the Marinera Dance.
It is from Trujillo.  It is a beautiful dance.

This is one of those awesome young men.
I really hope that we get one of them in our mission.

Below is our Area Presidency posing with the Dancers.
President Pino and his wife...
Elder Uceda and his wife.
Elder Waddell and his wife.

And here is my favorite dancer... President Turk
with the Llama boy.
Only in Peru!
We are staying on a fantastic property right on the water.
Pictures are coming.