Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Arrivals... Safe and Sound!

What a warm welcoming group! 

The new arrivals are here... all 19 of them.  
We loaded them on the blue eagle..

First stop... the Temple Grounds.
It is always a grand experience.

We checked them in at the Blue Malibu Hotel 
where they were going to eat dinner.
Then they are all paired up with great missionaries
and working tonight in nearby areas.
Tomorrow, orientation, training and assignments.
We will post their trainers and new areas tomorrow
so that you know who they are with and where they will be living.
They are going to be a dynamic group.

Welcome to Trujillo Peru.
You are about to encounter blessings beyond measure.
Miracles have not ceased.
 Angels are among us,
and there is Power from on High...
all right here in the Peru Trujillo Mission!