Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Very Different Thanksgiving!

This is a very different Thanksgiving for all of us.
My children and grandchildren are eating turkey and dressing
with my family in Arizona.
The President, his Assistants and the Huaraz Zone
are eating papa a la huancaina, Roast beef and Mashed potatoes
in Huaraz, PerĂº

I am eating Chinese food with those recuperating and the office Elders
in Trujillo, PerĂº.

This is the first time in my almost fifty years that 
I have not been with a family member on Thanksgiving.  
Even when I was studying abroad in Israel for 6 months,
I had my brother Joe with me. 
 But all is well.
I just got off skype with the missionaries in Huaraz 
and was able to give them my talk.
I will be checking in with them later.

Life is as good as it can get for me.
I know that I am a daughter of God
I have a beautiful family that I was born into.
The greatest parents ever.
I have my own Family. 
The most unbelievable Husband ever
My children are wonderful 
and of course ...
the grandchildren are off the charts in every way!

The Gospel is the Center of our World
and Jesus Christ made it all possible.
We love Him and Honor Him.

And We thank our Heavenly Father for Everything...   Always.