Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We are in Chimbote!

First one down and all is well!

The first zone we were with was Chimbote Peru.
We Love them all..
What's not to love.

Each of these Elders has a great story behind them.
Many are the only members in their family.
Some are from tiny little towns.
One has had a brain tumor removed,  some have overcome amazing odds...
Some were lost and now they are found, some have had near death experiences.... etc... 
They are so capable and talented.
The mission gives them tools that will be beneficial for life.

Especially learning to follow the spirit and knowing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please just ask yourself one question...

What is the purpose of being here on this earth?
Is it really just to make a living so that you can eat and sleep comfortably?
Is is to find things that give you immediate pleasure.

There is so much more...
Don't miss the real purpose of life.
You have to find out who you really are
and find out what you are to learn and do while you are here.

I love to listen to these missionaries teach
about the answers to life's questions.
Listen to some missionaries.
It is amazing.

Elder Russell                                                 Elder Castro
 Elder Young                                                     Elder Sanchez

Elder Del Aguila                                                  Elder Davila
 Elder Mendoza                                            Elder Fajardo

Zone Leaders:  Elder Arena                                              Elder Lopez
 Elder Sandiford                                                          Elder Nelson

Elder Whitelock                                                           Elder Jaramillo
 Elder Vilchez                                                               Elder Vera

Our Local Elder                                                      Elder Leyva

Tomorrow we are with Chimbote Sur Zone...
Can't wait!