Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Office Elders...

Office Elders:  Llatance, Brian, Marquez, Andersen, Facer, Escobar, Roman, Glasgow

Last night after we arrived home from Paracas...
We got unpacked and waited for the office Elders to arrive home.
We then went to their apartment.
They live on the second floor of this building.

We had them each take a number and we played
a game for our "buy one get one free" t-shirts 
that we brought home for them.

Before we left, President Turk called a new Financial Secretary... 
Elder Brian, he is holding the white t-shirt...
and a new Physical facilities Secretary... Elder Escobar on the far right.
Welcome Elders!

They are training for another week in the office.
Then Elder Facer and Elder Roman are heading back out in the field.

Thanks for holding down the fort while we were away...
You are the Best!