Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, November 11, 2011

You Have To Read It!

One of my missionaries shared this story with me...

He had been in an area for a short time 
and wanted to meet with the
Grandfather/Father of a large very active family in the ward.
This man was the only one in his family that was not a member.

The ward members told the missionaries not to bother with him.
He has been stubborn his whole life.
He wanted no part of this religion ever.
He had been a thorn to the members.
His family felt the same way.
They had prayed for him and loved him
but had no hope for him to ever be baptized.

This missionary was eager and hungry.
He wanted to meet with him
and just talk.

He and his companion were walking by the house one day
and felt prompted to stop by.

This Father was home and let them in
and the first thing out of his mouth to them was
"I want to be Baptized"

The missionaries about fell over.
They hadn't even said anything yet.
They asked him what had given him a change of heart,
and the father said
"I am eighty years old now.
I have given everybody a hard time about religion.
But I decided that I better check out a few things before I die.
So I read the Book of Mormon.
And it's True!
Why didn't I ever read the Book before when the missionaries
asked me to read it?... when my family begged me to read it?...
and now I am old and have caused pain and heartache
to my family all these years."

He was Baptized!

You have to read the Book of Mormon to really find out 
for yourself if it is true.

If the Book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith was a Prophet.
If Joseph is a prophet then he truly did 
see God the Father and His son, Jesus Christ.
And if this happened then this is truly 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Joseph Smith is one of my great heroes.
A boy, 14 years old
could not and would not make up 
this whole religion 
and go through  all the persecutions
that he did
to have what..
 A little Recognition?

There was no wealth, there was no crown,
there was no comfort...
He went through pain, persecution, separation, 
loneliness, and eventually death.

After Joseph told people about the vision that he saw when he was
only fourteen years old
they called him crazy.

He was just a boy and he said...

"Why persecute me for telling the truth? I have actually seen a vision; and who am I that I can withstand God, or why does the world think to make me deny what I have actually seen? For I had seen a vision; I knew it, and I knew that God knew it, and I could not edeny it, neither dared I do it; at least I knew that by so doing I would offend God, and come under condemnation."

Read the Book of Mormon
and ask in sincere prayer if it is true...
It will be the greatest experience of your life!

I have done this and 
I know it is true and I cannot and will not deny it!