Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Mountain People.... The Huaraz Zone

We love the Huaraz Zone.
It makes me sad that I missed being with them
But they will be here in Trujillo soon.
Look at them...  Beautiful!
The man at the bottom of this photo is the waiter who had just
served them.  He brought his camera out to take a picture
because he loved these missionaries so much.

While the President was interviewing...
the Assistants were fantastic and did the same thing
with the missionaries that I would do if I was there.

See the hands up for Speed Search in Preach My Gospel?

Zone Leaders are Elder Farnsworth and Elder Romero in the bottom left corner.

The Missionaries in the Huaraz Zone are:

Arriola, Canaan, Cornelio, Coronel, Farnsworth, Fuentealba, Leon, McVey,
Mecham, Mendoza, Mieles Mikesell, Perez, Reyes, Richards, & Zapata

We Love and Pray for each one of them.