Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Zona Este - Let me Translate...The East Zone

These gentlemen of the East Zone came in for interviews on Friday.
I missed the four Huamachuco Elders that ran to catch the bus.
But they are in the photo collages below.

We played Preach My Gospel Speed Chase.
 We love the game but we love the Manual more.
It answers every question a missionary could ever have.

Elder Brian has made a smooth transition.
He is in the top left corner below.
Elder Facer is in Casma as a Zone Leader.
It was sad to see Elder Facer leave but
we are thrilled with Elder Brian.  He is going to be a great Financial Secretary.
Right above on the left are the Zone Leaders for the East Zone,
 Elders Brito and Gomez... 
and next to them are the four that ran for the bus... 
Elders Oyarzun, Shaw, Camarena and Batz.

Below more happy East Zone missionaries...

Elder Escobar is also fitting into the office nicely.
We love him.  The office is humming with some harmonies of love.
Oh the Elders will love this
??? Harmonies of Love ???
Hey it's tough writing something new every day.

East Zone Elders are...
Batz, Brito, Calisaya. Camarena, Casanova, Castillo,
Cerpa, Chicche, Gutierrez,
 Gomez, Herrera, Machaca, Oyarzun, Perez, Pesantes,
Pugmire, Quispe, Quispe,
Shaw and Villena.

I love to say the names of all these missionaries like,
Chick CHay
Casa Nova
Calee Sigh Ya

I need to write a song just of fun names.