Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas is Coming the Cuy's Getting Fat!

Many of you are asking for ideas for your missionaries for Christmas gifts.
Hermanas: simple jewelry, scarves, new tops, candy, perfume, lotions. 
May I suggest for Elders some of the most boring are the most needed.
White short sleeved shirts, ties, dark socks, any candy,
chips, goodies.  They love to smell good too.
Some cologne, deodorants,  shampoo.
The little things are the best.
Also, those asking how
they can help 
with our 

We always need: 
White shirts sizes:  15, 15 1/2, 16,  short sleeves
We also need dark socks always
and new ties.

Thank you so much.
You can mail these to the Turk's mailing address
 found on my side bar.

Thank you for thinking of us!
Please don't eat the cute Christmas Cuy!