Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In the Zone with the Zone Leaders...

I love to break up our training meetings with music.
Today I taught my missionaries about musical antiphony.

Antiphony is the musical term for two choirs or more echoing back and forth.
I put them into two groups or more
and then direct them on when their group sings.

The sound jumps back and forth around the room.
They love it and I love the power to direct them.

 They are great followers.
Now is the season to get them ready to watch me constantly
while I am directing music
because we are starting to prepare for the Christmas Program
in the Plaza de Armas.

There is nothing better than Missionaries singing.
I know I say it all the time.
But I love to be with them while they are singing.

It was Elder Glasgow's birthday today.
It is hard to express to our Personal Secretary
how grateful we are for all of his extra effort and hard work 
to make things run smoothly.
Thank you Elder Glasgow!

The Office Elders sang a special number today.
They all can sing and carry parts
so it is fun to listen to them
and sing with them.

The Primavera Zone took home the Shirts today.
They set high goals and achieved them.
Congratulations... We are proud of you.

The Elders were starving today.
They ate us out of house and mission home.
Lucy and Ali worked their tales off and 
the missionaries licked their plates clean.

Then it was out for some exercise and sun
and a little fun.

But not for Elder Tagle.
He had his toenails fixed and so he was laying low.
When you are sending a missionary out, 
please make sure that the shoes are wide and comfortable.
Preferably worn in.  It makes a huge difference.

Elder Glasgow loves to play soccer.... but his phone is going off all the time.
Below he was really playing while he was talking on the phone.
He is very talented that way.
He is our multi-tasker.

This is the first time that we didn't take a group shot of our Zone Leaders.
Arghhhh.... I completely forgot.
I must be losing it.
Okay, I have lost it already.... I know.